LeBarge, John McCarthy, and History: The Perfect Sunday

If you’ve never been on an Historical Society of Sarasota County Cruise, you need to. If you’ve been before, you know you need to experience it again!

On November 1, we’ll board, enjoy a little breakfast snack buffet, and marvel at the depth and breadth of John McCarthy’s knowledge of our area. We may cruise north, towards Ca d’Zan, or we may cruise south towards the marvelous bird sanctuaries. It all depends on the weather and our captain. But it will be bliss, I promise you!

UPDATE 10-18-15 SOLD OUT. We will be doing a Spring Cruise in early March, please email our office to receive advance notice when reservations open for that cruise.


5 thoughts on “LeBarge, John McCarthy, and History: The Perfect Sunday

  1. The most FUN way to learn Sarasota History…. from the waterside, and you can eat a lovely Continental Breakfast while learning all kinds of fascinating facts from John McCarthy who has more knowledge about Sarasota in his little finger than I’ll ever be able to remember in my whole head ! Come on board, you’ll love it!

    • I know! A nibble that won’t spoil the appetite is nice. A full meal? I think we all like to look forward to disembarking with our heads full of historical lore, then patronizing one of our area’s excellent restaurants for a personally-chosen brunch AFTER the sea voyage!

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