Brown Bag Book Lunch: Discuss & munch with the author of “Shade in the Sunshine State”

AAuthor Liz Coursenuthor, editor, and publisher Elizabeth H. Coursen will be featured at this month’s Brown Bag Book Lunch at the Historical Society of Sarasota County on Wed. Feb. 18, in the historic Crocker Memorial Church. She will be speaking on the issues raised in her book, Shade in the Sunshine State.

Shade in the Sunshine State: Reflections on Segregation in Florida
Hardly anyone thinks of Florida as part of the “South,” the way Georgia or Mississippi are considered Southern states. Too many people think that Florida was the invention of Walt Disney, springing from Disney’s forehead like Athena, sprung from the forehead of Zeus, fully armored and ready for battle.
As it turns out, when it came to the issue of segregation, in terms of law and custom, Florida was very much a part of the South.

shade in the sunshine stateCoursen will share a PowerPoint program that illustrates the numerous and sometimes amazing issues and situations that people–black and white, Jew and Gentile–simply “dealt with” in Florida during the ’30s, ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s.

Bring your lunch, drinks will be provided on the Back Porch of the historic Bidwell House. Join history, book, and nature lovers for this month’s BBBL Wednesday February 18 at 11:30 am Free to members, $5.00 per guest. The Historical Society is located in Pioneer Park, just east of Tamiami Trail, at 1260 12th Street . Plenty of free parking. Call the Society at  941-364-9076 during office hours, 10 to 2 Monday-Friday for more information.

(Can’t make this month’s meeting? Interested in our History Book Club as well? Read more.)

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