113 years of hard sitting is coming to an end….

When the Crocker Memorial Church was just 12 years old, in 1913, 63 of Sarasota’s women came together and formed The Woman’s Club of Sarasota. Their service to our community can be summed up by this quote on their brochure:

The good works of life consist of many small units.

We are delighted to announce that The Woman’s Club has taken on a “small unit” for the Crocker Church: they are making pew cushions for our wonderful, original, hand-crafted, hard-as-can-be pews! For 113 years, Sarasotans have wiggled and squirmed on these pews, but no longer! This, to anyone who’s attended an event in the Church, is no “small unit” in our minds, but a huge and vastly appreciated boon!

The Woman's Club of Sarasota in the Crocker Church at the Historical Society of Sarasota County.

The Woman’s Club members testing out the pews, to see just how hard they are! L to R: Sue Barnia, Treasurer; Joan G. Tatro, Second Vice President; and Judy Snodgrass, President. Not pictured but a real force in this project: Margaret Borrows, Recording Secretary.

From sourcing materials to choosing the perfect fabric, to holding a sewing bee this coming Wednesday, August 6, these ladies have been a breath of fresh air during our warm summer season.

If you have an interest in helping craft the cushions, or can stuff a mean stuffing, come join us at 10am in the Crocker Church. All are welcome. We’ll cut, sew, laugh… and break for a potluck salad lunch on our beautiful and breezy back porch. If you can’t stay, stop by for a moment to thank The Woman’s Club.

Read more about The Woman’s Club of Sarasota.

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