A penny postcard to the future

A fictitious postcard from Ethel Wood, Sarasota FLLittle could Ethel Wood imagine that she would indeed become an influential woman in Sarasota until her death, still living in what we now know as the Bidwell-Wood House, decades later. For more on the House as well as the Crocker Memorial Church, click over to our Museum booklet.

Note: This is a totally fictitious postcard “To The Future”, presented by the Historical Society of Sarasota County as part of its fund-raising activities. The House needs a new period-authentic roof to protect and preserve the oldest residence in Sarasota County, and you can help! Use the “Donate” button in our sidebar, or stop by with a check anytime, Mon-Fri 10 to 2. Our Site Manager, Linda Garcia, will be delighted!

The postcard background is from Fuzzimo.com

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