The TRUE story of Pirates!

You know that we’re having Pirates and Pioneers Day at the Historical Society on Saturday November 16, a family-oriented day filled with music, presentations, pirates in costume (you dress up too, if you dare!), arts and crafts for the kids, a Toddlers’ Treasure Dig, Games of Skill, a Thieves’ Market and local artists and authors and food and even a Trolley Tour and teen-angled computer games!

But all of us above Disney-age know that pirates were not the fun-loving critters of film and children’s tales. There’s so much more than Captain Hook and Johnny Depp. To get the real, fantastic story complete with music, grub and grog (and a silent auction of loot!) on Friday evening, November 15 at 5:30pm, reserve your spot now for Pirates’ Eve! This is an evening for adults please… not suitable for impressionable ears.

Pirates' Eve Info from the Historical Society of Sarasota County

One thought on “The TRUE story of Pirates!

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