The TRUE story of Pirates!

You know that we’re having Pirates and Pioneers Day at the Historical Society on Saturday November 16, a family-oriented day filled with music, presentations, pirates in costume (you dress up too, if you dare!), arts and crafts for the kids, a Toddlers’ Treasure Dig, Games of Skill, a Thieves’ Market and local artists and authors and food and even a Trolley Tour and teen-angled computer games!

But all of us above Disney-age know that pirates were not the fun-loving critters of film and children’s tales. There’s so much more than Captain Hook and Johnny Depp. To get the real, fantastic story complete with music, grub and grog (and a silent auction of loot!) on Friday evening, November 15 at 5:30pm, reserve your spot now for Pirates’ Eve! This is an evening for adults please… not suitable for impressionable ears.

Pirates' Eve Info from the Historical Society of Sarasota County


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