The Crocker Church has handrails!

It’s long been a concern of members and event attendees that the steep shallow steps to the front porch of the Crocker Church are not the easiest to navigate. Well finally, after much “historic review” and permissions and permits and the like (not to mention budget-jingling and the most generous donation of the funds for this project from a cherished member of the Historical Society, we now have handrails!
Historical Society of Sarasota County in Pioneer Park
Here, Board members (left to right) Jane Kirschner-Tuccillo, Meade Ferguson and Linda Garcia try them out. They report that the rails work fine, and will be able to withstand SRO audiences for the upcoming season’s Conversations at the Crocker, the hordes of marauding pirates and pioneers, and a full slate of students including yoga goers and watercolorists!

2 thoughts on “The Crocker Church has handrails!

  1. Everyone who uses the Crocker Memorial Church as members of HSOSC, as wedding guests, as club members who meet at the church building and as people who come to the site to tour the two historic structures, are indebted to the Kwenski children who donated the money to made the new porch handrails possible. The gift on behalf of historic preservation was made in memory of their father. And what a fine gift it is to the whole community. Norma Kwenski (who brought the idea to her children) is a member of HSOSC and volunteers for nearly every committee assignment that comes up. You’ll see her at every members meeting. The next time you do, say thanks. Her family has significantly improved access to the Crocker Memorial Church.

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