The Old Grey Mayors of Sarasota start off Conversations at the Crocker

Hope you got a chance, at our October Conversation at the Crocker, to participate in the lively, in-depth discussion between five of Sarasota’s past mayors and the avid audience!

Kelly Kirschner, Fredd Atkins, Mollie Cardamone, Elmer Berkel and Kerry Kirschner — all former mayors of Sarasota — gathered at the Historical Society of Sarasota County for the premiere of Conversations at The Crocker, a panel discussion rooted in history with implications for today and tomorrow.

Co-chair of Conversations at The Crocker Lynn Harding joins HSOSC President, Howard Rosenthal in welcoming Kelly Kirschner, former mayor of Sarasota, on the scenic Back Porch of the Bidwell-Wood House in Pioneer Park. Kelly Kirschner moderated the panel of Old Gray Mayors on October 9, 2012.

Kelly Kirschner and Viola Goldberg, a past president of HSOSC and a current member of the HSOSC Advisory Board before the beginning of  Conversations at The Crocker: The Old Gray Mayors.

Former Sarasota mayors, Kelly Kirschner, Fredd Atkins, Mollie Cardamone, Elmer Berkel and Kerry Kirschner were the panelists for The Old Gray Mayors, the first Conversations at The Crocker held on October 9 2012.

Don’t miss the next Conversation at the Crocker on Tuesday November 13 2012 at 7pm, Newtown Before and After Integration, with Sarasota County Commissioner and former Sarasota Mayor Carolyn Mason leading the panel. Conversations at the Crocker are interactive panel discussions on topics that cover events that shaped Sarasota County’s past and continue to exert influence on its present and probably the future. Learn more on our Calendar of Events.

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