Love locally-made, hand-crafted items? We’d love it if you did…

Local and handmade decorative items, gifts, and more in the HSOSC Museum Gift Shop, Sarasota FLThe Museum Shop needs you!

We have a beautiful museum shop with wonderful local artisan wares located in the Bidwell-Wood House stand alone kitchen.  It is open M-F 10a – 2p and during special events, as well as from 6-7pm once a month prior to our fall and winter meetings.  We are looking for that special someone who can oversee the day to day scheduling of volunteers and take care of the needs of running the shop.

UPDATE August 2012: The Museum Shop will be overseen by our immediate past President, Jane Kirschner-Tucillo, who is one of the most persuasive and vivacious people we know. If you would like to be shopkeeper for a day, or if you know of/ are a local crafter who is interesting in showing your wares, please email Jane at or  call the HSOSC office at  941-364-9076 M-F 10a – 2p or email

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