Extra, extra, read all about it!

1882 Plain Dealer front pageI love to read contemporaneous accounts about history events, even if they aren’t directly related to Sarasota County history.

For example, to get a feel for what was going on the year that the Bidwell-Wood House was built, I found this 1882 Plain Dealer front page. And look what happened that day!

HistoryBuff.com is a volunteer effort by Timothy Hughes, dealer in vintage newspapers. Here, he’s assembled some of his collection, arranged by year.

Tip: Did you know, if you’re viewing the Internet on a PC, you can hit Ctrl+ to make the text larger, or Crl- to see more of the screen in a smaller font? Makes surfing a lot more comfortable, especially after a few hours!

Tip#2: Re-up your HSOSC membership today… everyone’s due in January.

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