Trees – WOW

Crosley Mansion Tree by HSOSCWe hope you get a chance to visit the Crosley “Festival of Trees” and enjoy over 50 decorated Christmas Trees including OURS!!!  Our fabulous volunteer (soon to be a member?) Margaret Behrends did a splendid job using Margret Bering’s paintings from our 2010 calendar.  The tree is named “Historical & Whimsical” with each painting displayed and an adorable pink flamingo sitting atop with the flamingo sand dollars and colored candy canes. Click for info on the event.

AND in the Bidwell-Wood home our tree was decorated by Lorraine Orr – member and volunteer extraordinaire – with ornaments made from the nuts off the ground of the front yard!  Lorraine also donated the wreaths in front of the house and Museum Gift Shop.

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