“Anything I can do to help?”

Volunteers come in all flavors. What's yours?

Volunteers come in all flavors. What's yours?

Every organization needs volunteers and their help, of course, and all members realize this. Trouble is, we don’t always know what we can do for our organization, and when, and whether our skills and talents can be properly utilized.

So here on the Historical Society site, we’ll let you know if we need buildings swept, brownies baked, or a polished press release created. If you have unrecognized skills that you would like to keep honed by participating, let us know. You can comment here, or you can call the Historical Society’s office, or simply collar a board member at one of our meetings.

Maybe you’re a master storyteller or a graphic artist. A lawyer or a gardener (or maybe your spouse is and is willing to help!) Or you organized bus tours in a former life, or are an expert on retail or costuming or organizing …

7 thoughts on ““Anything I can do to help?”

  1. I am a twenty year old local that would like to voulnteer, I have knowledge of Florida plants and animals and love Florida history. I would enjoy the experence to help in any way i can. I would like to set up an appointment to speak with you in person.
    Respectfully, Joshua P. Miller

    • Thanks Joshua, I’m working on getting you and our Site Manager, Linda Garcia, together! Linda’s in our offices at the Bidwell-Wood House, 1260 12th St., Sarasota, from (roughly!) 10 to 2 Monday-Friday, or you can contact her at hsosc@yahoo.com or call the office at 941-364-9076
      We LOVE volunteers, of course, and are certain that between us, we can find useful, interesting, and rewarding things to further the reach and enjoyment of the Historical Society of Sarasota County!

  2. Volunteers!!! We NEED you !! If you’ve always wanted to be a “shop keeper” or an herb gardener, or a church custodian, or a crafts instructor, greeter, refreshments provider, coffee seller, ticket taker, ticket seller………..WE NEED YOU !! As we gear up for the coming SEASON, we need lots more help around “the Oldest House in Sarasota” and our lovely Crocker Memorial Church! Please call our office: 941-364-9076 and let us know how YOU would like to help keep Sarasota’s history alive!

  3. Wow! That would be very cool ! Do you have a horse you’ll be shoeing, and how much space would you need…. away from the pine trees?? We’d like to hear more from you.

    • Terrific! I will make sure that our Events Planner gets your info… what a wonderful profession… and tell me, is it really true that horses and mules in this area were not commonly shoe’d, back in the 1900’s before there were hard-surfaced roads?

    • Francis, we’d love to have YOU at our Pioneer Day, could you set up a display of your work? Please call us at 364-9076. We NEED folks like you to make this a true PIONEER DAY! Hope to hear from you soon.

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