Screens are Done!!

Bidwell-Wood House East WallWe finally found a great “Full Spectrum Handyman” – Mr. Rolbin Rodriguez who finished the outside work on the Bidwell-Wood House this springBidwell-Wood House East Wall.

He was able to use the pieces of frames we had on property and finish all the window screens.  He also finished painting the east side of the house and all the window trim.  THANK YOU Rolbin!

From Renaissance to Ragtime: Concert in the Crocker Church

          The Historical Society of Sarasota County will host a concert performed by members of the Sarasota Earlye Musicke Consort, a group that performs music from Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque eras in the Crocker Memorial Church, located in Pioneer Park, at 1260 12th Street, on Tuesday, April 10th at 7:00 PM.

         The Program will include music from the 1500’s, Glen Miller’s era, as well as Glen Shannon’s timeframe, performed on recorders, viol and harpsichord.  This musical group, under the direction of Charlotte Trautwein, has been filling the church with their delightful music, every Tuesday during their rehearsals.  The concert is free and open to the public.  Donations are always greatly appreciated, of course.

         There will be guided tours of the Bidwell House (1882) and the Crocker Church (1901) at 6:00 PM, and the Gift Shop, filled with hand-crafted works by our local artisans, will also open at 6:00 PM. The historical complex is on 12th Street, between N. Trail and Cocoanut Ave.

Thank you to all our supporters!

What an incredible outpouring of support for our community!

Almost 11,000 donors to 107 nonprofits including the Historical Society of Sarasota County!

In 36 hours, almost 11,000 donors participated!

In 36 hours on March 27 and March 28, keyboards clicked and smartphones did whatever they do… and almost 11,000 responded to the 36-Hour Challenge. We were honored to be Continue reading

FAQs: How can my donation work hardest for HSOSC?

Confused about the 36-Hour Challenge, which starts Tuesday March 27 at 6am and goes through Wednesday at 6pm? Wondering what all the hype is about? And how you can help HSOSC?

Frequently-Asked Questions

What’s it all about? The 36-Hour Giving Challenge is an online giving event inspiring donors and citizen philanthropists to learn more about the nonprofits and causes in Southwest Florida they care about most.

How was HSOSC chosen Continue reading

Red Hat Ladies Caught Red-Handed at HSOSC

Red Hat Ladies Caught Red-Handed at HSOSC

HSOSC Member Lois Greer brought her Red Hat group to the Historical Society for an outing recently. Docent (and HSOSC Prez) Howard Rosenthal was on hand to greet them as they drove up 12th Street in a bevy of pre-WW1 automobiles driven by Lois’ husband Ed and his fellow old-car enthusiasts.

The ladies were a remarkable group –  11 women, all dressed in purple dresses with red hats (except for the one renegade who opted for a red dress and purple hat!)

Lois and Ed Greer are exceptional volunteers for HSOSC. They donated uncountable hours working on the restoration and painting of the two historic buildings in Pioneer Park since HSOSC moved the buildings to Pioneer Park in 2006. We always count on Lois for assistance as needed, and just try to keep Ed from posing one of his beloved cars for vintage photo ops during our events!

After touring the Bidwell-Wood House the ladies and their chauffeurs followed the music coming from the Crocker Memorial Church, our second historic building. The Sarasota Earlye Musicke Consort happened to be practicing that morning, and director Charlotte Trautwein graciously explained the early music and early recorder instruments to our guests. The group played a selection for the ladies, who then headed out for a luncheon.

If your club or social group is interested in such an outing, please contact our Site Manager Linda Garcia at 941-364-9076 or for available dates and reasonable rates. Our Back Porch is perfect for your picnic or refreshments during season, but you’ll have to find your own vintage cars! We also have speakers available for club meetings.

Could The New York Times have gotten it wrong?

When HSOSC President Howard Rosenthal called our attention to Alfred Bidwell’s  obituary in The New York Times, we were thrilled to add it to our collection.

Alfred Bidwell built what we know call the Bidwell-Wood House in 1882. He was a local merchant, and the house, in 1882, was considered a fine home by the Tampa newspaper.

But could The New York Times have erred? Long-time HSOSC member Ed Orr, a studious history buff, thinks so. Ask Ed about it, next time you see him (he’s the one with all the collectible cars!)Alfred Bidwell's obituary