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Annual Report

marshaPresident’s 2020-2021 Annual Report given on May 15, 2021 on the year just past (and thank goodness it is!), by Marsha Fottler, pictured right >



Treasurer 2020-2021 Annual Reportdeborah bowers, by Deb Bowers, pictured right >

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7 thoughts on “Stay connected

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  2. Congratulations Ladies ! This is the best, most comprehensive Newsletter we’ve had at the Historical Society in many a year, no… EVER !!! I just spent 1/2 hour reading it from top to bottom, to make sure that I don’t miss any of the upcoming events! So glad that we have more Blue Chairs now, so we can seat a lot of the standees that we entertained last Season! This season’s line up of speakers and events I feel, will bring in even greater crowds! Keep up the great work, we’re on a roll and I’m hoping that the Giving Challenge this coming week will fill our coffers for more exciting projects! Jane Kirschner

  3. I recently found out that the Historical Society was in the process of raising funds for the restoration of the two large murals located at the Gulf Sream Towers garage. I was actually the one who first started inquiring about the restoration and was incommunication with Julie over at Gulf Stream Towers and brought the importance of restoring them to the association , and getting them out of the garage where they were being destroyed on a daily basis by cars banging into them and being exposed to the elements .

    It was a few years ago when I first contacted Julie about the restoration while I was doing a large Gold leaf project a few buildings down at the Church of The Reedemer. At the time the association didn’t know what they were going to do with the murals and consequently they just sat in the garage getting ruined for the next few years.

    I was in contact with Julie several times over the next few years but she was never able to get the Gulf Stream Towers association to commit to getting the murals restored. I just recently found out that the historical society was raising funds through Mr Peter Baldi the GST president.

    I was hoping to be able to have my restoration company restore the murals or at the very least have a chance to bid on the project.

    Would you please contact me and let me know what point you are at with the fund raising or choosing a restoration company to do the restoration work.

    Thank You,

    David Vallone
    David Valoone Restorations inc.

    • David, this sounds like a great project, and we wish you well on it. Alas, however, the Historical Society of Sarasota County is a private nonprofit and not the involved party, and we do not have a Julie on our Board of Directors. Perhaps you are confusing us with the county government arm, the History Center, recently renamed Sarasota County Historical Resources. Their contact info would be on their site at
      Sorry for the confusion in our names… this dates back to the 1920’s, so you’re not the first to mix our two groups up!

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