Black Bottom, Overtown, Newtown, Rosemary District: What, where, when.

History of Newtown is the subject of a Conversation at the Crocker event.  Educators, business leaders, and the Mayor of Sarasota will gather on the stage of the Crocker Memorial Church on Tuesday, October 14, to talk among themselves and with the audience about the History of Newtown, Sarasota’s African-American community.  The conversationists will also […]

How integration changed Sarasota forever: A Conversation at the Crocker

Newtown Before and After Integration A discussion that explores the ramifications of integration on Newtown school life and how integration changed forever the social, business and community structure in Sarasota’s African American close-knit community. Told by those who lived through it. Four people – one white and three African Americans – gather to  participate in […]

The Old Grey Mayors of Sarasota start off Conversations at the Crocker

Hope you got a chance, at our October Conversation at the Crocker, to participate in the lively, in-depth discussion between five of Sarasota’s past mayors and the avid audience! Kelly Kirschner, Fredd Atkins, Mollie Cardamone, Elmer Berkel and Kerry Kirschner — all former mayors of Sarasota — gathered at the Historical Society of Sarasota County […]